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Put Your Medication Packaging to the Test | Zebra

Put your medication packaging to the test

Meet URAC standards for CRT and refrigerated package qualification

With expert third-party Package Performance Testing (PPQ) provided by Temptime, a Zebra Technologies company, you’ll not only get the detailed time and temperature data you need to meet pharmacy network and accreditation requirements, but a custom tailored approach specific to your use cases. That includes summer and winter PPQ testing for all your medication packouts – including CRT shipments, a new standard in URAC 4.0. The result is critical insight into how packages perform, as well as peace of mind knowing you’re delivering the best care to your patients.

With over 30 years of experience in temperature monitoring for sensitive biologics, you can rely on Zebra to provide you with packaging performance insights, allowing you to free up internal resources for other important projects.

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