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Euclid® Medical Products Releases the Axial®️ BP-290 Blister Card Packaging Machine

APPLE CREEK, OH —Euclid® Medical Products is pleased to announce the release of the Axial®️ BP-290, a fully automated blister card, adherence packaging machine for all types of pharmacies. The BP-290 is a complete solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of pharmacy workflows. It automates repetitive and manual tasks, drastically reduces the risk of human error, and boosts pharmacy profitability.

The Axial®️ BP-290 generates unit and multi dose blister cards at scale and features 290 canisters, 3 universal canisters for changing NCD #’s, and a manual fill tray. It packages at speeds of up to 55-60 blister cards per hour and is the only machine of its kind that offers complete automation, including blister card filling, lid sealing, and medication verification.

Thanks to compatibility with most Pharmacy Information Systems, the BP-290 can be customized to meet every pharmacy operation's unique needs and resources. It makes adherence packaging in convenient blisters fast, reliable, and low maintenance, with a smartly-designed solution that is simple to clean and maintain. 

System Specifications:

Canister Bases Variable to Infinity: 290 canisters installed base

Mode of Control: Tactile Screen

Speed of Preparation on Average: 1 blister card per minute

Mode of Impression: Direct thermal printing

Fractional Medication Management: 3 FSP (Free Packaging System) + MDU tray

Dimensions: 107 cm (L) x 156 cm (D) x 203.5 cm (H)

Weight: 1,750 lbs.

Operating Temperature: 50 - 104° F

Humidity: 10-80% 

Power Consumption: 850W, 1000V A

Electrical Connection: 220V/50Hz

Power Supply: RJ45 in the back

Installation/Mini Ventilation: 8” on wall / 5 ventilations

Operating Noise: <85 dB

Pharmacies report a reduction in labor hours of up to 70% after switching from manual packaging to a fully automated solution, and thanks to the Occulus medication verification system, anomalies are automatically detected by an optical sensor and all photographs of each blister are stored for review, ensuring traceability and facilitating regulatory compliance.

For more information, visit Euclid online at

About Euclid® Medical Products

For more than 50 years, Euclid® Medical Products, a division of Precision Products Group, has been a trusted partner for hospital/retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and third-party repackagers seeking high-quality, efficient multi/unit dose packaging and barcoding systems. Euclid helps pharmacies reduce costs and improve their overall operational efficiency. Because Euclid manufactures all of its own equipment, it is able to provide superior products that stand the test of time with the updated features needed by today’s pharmacies.

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