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No More Bad Tasting Pills

The pill sticks in the throat, the senses in the tongue can’t handle the taste, and the tablet is too big to swallow. These are reasons why patients need a solution to help them take their medication. MEDCOAT by Beutlich Pharmaceuticals covers the pill to turn a bad flavor into a refreshing one. The coating dissolves quickly after intake. The product can coat different sizes and shapes. 

MEDCOAT contains only food-classified ingredients with no sugar, soy, or Gluten. The product also does not contain any artificial flavors.

Often, a patient cuts a pill half or quartered, leaving sharp edges. MEDCOAT smoothes over the ridges and dissolves quickly once swallowed.

MEDCOAT is easy to use as the coating stimulates saliva, aiding swallowing. Customers have their choice of lemon, lime, or strawberry, making taking pills a pleasant and tasteful experience. 


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