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Cleanrooms that Fit, Protect, and Perform

Technicians working in cleanrooms understand that no two cleanrooms are alike and that different product manufacturing requires specific designs. Modular Cleanrooms, Inc. offers a complete line of cleanrooms for your pharmaceutical needs, including:


Softwall Cleanrooms: Offers an affordable approach to a cleanroom because of its practicality and portability.

Hardwall Cleanrooms: Utilize as a freestanding, self-contained room or configured in combination with existing walls or structures. This fully customizable option does not require additional contract work.

Bio-Clean Cleanrooms: known as the Aluminum Bio-Clean, this cleanroom is entirely customizable and designed to exceed the standards required in the IV, home infusion, and compounding pharmacy industries.

Micro-Clean Cleanrooms: Arrives completely factory prefabricated for minimal on-site erection time and is self-contained with all factory-finished components.

Whatever type of cleanroom is needed, Modular Cleanrooms, Inc makes the installation a positive experience. Their expertise in high filtration and cleanroom application is extensive, and the level of service is superior.

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