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How to Define Success for Your Pharmacy Career

People define success in different ways. Most often, people think of success as reaching their goals in life, whatever those goals may be. But the journey is often just as important as the destination. It is often the journey or the progress we make toward our ultimate goals and the abilities we develop along the way that make life worth living.

There is certainly no lack of advice on how to be successful. But how you go about it depends largely on how you define success for yourself. For example, if your idea of success is becoming a leader in the business world and earning a lot of money, your professional goals and achievements will naturally be the focus. Others, however, are more concerned with success in different areas of life, such as raising a family.

So obviously there is no one true way to reach success. What applies to one person may not be a good fit at all for another. However, there are some basic things that you can do to increase your chances of success in your pharmacy career and in life — no matter how you define it. Read more >>

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