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IMI's Featured Product of The Month: Rx-Tract™ Aspirating Needles

IMI's Rx-Tract Aspirating Needles are  high-quality specialty needles ideal for introducing fluids to deep wells and vials, drawing liquids for reconstruction, or pre-filling syringes prior to administration.

Key Features 

What makes IMI`s Aspirating Needles stand out in the industry?

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Specialty Needles Your Operation's Demand

Offered in 3 inch, 5 inch, and 8 inch lengths; 19 & 16 gauge, and availability in both sharp and blunt cannulas. Rx-Tract Needles also include a needle guard that aids in the protection of accidental needle sticks. 

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Reliable & Trustworthy Supply

All IMI products are made in the U.S.A at our FDA-registered facility. Providing fast shipping times and minimal disruption to your supply chain.

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