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Meet HCL's NEW Mascot, Rock Lobstar | 2023 Product Catalog

It’s tradition here at Health Care Logistics® to usher in a new year with a new mascot. Given all we’ve been through during the past few years, a refresh seems quite fitting.    
Say hello to Rock Lobstar! He made his debut with the recent release of our 2023 product catalog and wasted no time replacing his predecessor, HillBilly-Bobcat. 

Here’s how he made his way onto the scene and into our pages: 
There was one thing for sure about HillBilly-Bobcat and it’s that he liked night fishing almost as much as he loved grits and gravy. But one night he found himself on the wrong side of the net. Turns out Billy ventured too far from the dock and happened upon a rowdy bunch at The Cape.  
“Shoulda pahked the cah in Hahvahd Yahd,” yelled a voice from a nearby lobster pod, “steada fishin’ for trouble round here.” 
Startled by the commotion, Billy wobbled off the side of his boat and fell into the water below. Rock Lobstar, the security officer assigned to a pharmacy school — of fish — was first on the scene with a trap.  
“We got ourselves a crab-ton of wicked cool stuff down here,” he told Billy, “and it’s my job to protect it.” The school was stocked with special solutions to special problems, all from Health Care Logistics. “So, unless you got a problem, you gotta get back to where you came from.” 
Rock tossed Billy back toward his boat and claimed another victory for error prevention. “No chowderheads on my watch!” 
And with that, Rock made his mark in HCL history. Follow along on social media throughout 2023 as we chronicle his fishy encounters to see what unsuspecting character ends up in his net next!  


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