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Cleanrooms-as-a-Service for Pharmacy Operations

When compounding pharmaceuticals, there are several challenges to overcome. Customers in life science, pharma, and biotech require flexibility and adaptability in their cleanrooms to address any obstacles. Cleanrooms from Qleanair Scandinavia delivers these qualities for their customers. They tailor modular or standalone cleanrooms to ensure constant compliance so the pharmacists can concentrate on compounding the drug for the patient. 

Qleanair is also there for their customers if the technicians need more room. The team from Qleanair can quickly and easily expand the space within a specified timeline.

qleanair 2.png

The engineers work closely with the facilities and pharmaceutical departments throughout the process of design, construction, validation, and classification of the cleanroom. The result is a turnkey solution. The cleanroom also brings a lifetime performance guarantee with functional control, preventive service, and maintenance to help maintain the desired classification.

As a global company focused on healthcare, Qleanair Scandinavia is dedicated to protecting people, products, and processes.

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