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Achieve Your Pharmacy Goals with BestRx: Time Saving Workflows

Over the last few years, pharmacies are taking a more active role in patient care. Now, not only are they trying to keep up with incoming prescription requests, but they’re also:

     • Administering vaccines.

     • Collaborating with other care team members.

     • Counseling patients on their medications.

     • Delivering orders.

     • Monitoring compliance.

     • Providing point-of-care testing.

 As a result, many independent pharmacies are finding it increasingly difficult to balance their growing to-do list with rising labor costs and staffing shortages. That’s why BestRx continues to expand its software capabilities, to help pharmacies save valuable time with efficient workflows. This way, they can accomplish more – even when they’re short staffed.

Here are three ways BestRx helps you achieve your pharmacy goals with time saving workflows ... Read More >>

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