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Automated Dispensing Cabinets Improve the Governance of Controlled Drugs in Intensive Care Units

Governing the access and use of controlled drugs in hospitals is essential for the safety of both patients and healthcare staff. Clinical areas such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs), with high use of controlled drugs, pose a significant challenge to the governance of these medications. While stricter control on the access and use of these drugs in the ICU improves safety, there are trade-offs.

Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) can play a vital role in overcoming these limitations and help make controlled drug governance in the ICU more effective and efficient.

Role of ADCs in Managing the Access of Controlled Drugs in ICUs

ADCs are not only more secure than traditional systems that might involve locked safes, but they also automate record keeping, saving time, and reducing errors. Studies have shown that implementing ADCs can also help identify controlled drug diversion by making monitoring and investigating instances easier. Read More >>

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