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Which TPAs Are The Best In Optimizing 340B Savings And Revenue?

TPAs play a critical role in any covered entity’s 340B program. It’s their job to match contract pharmacies’ prescription claims with patient data provided by the health systems they serve, to determine 340B eligibility — and generate entity savings. Without those matches, no prescriptions can be qualified for 340B eligibility — and no savings occur. 

That said, there are a number of critical factors you should consider when selecting a TPA to support your hospital’s 340B program. 

     • A well-supported TPA / 340B program onboarding process

      TPA system compatibility with your EHR

      A user-friendly 340B program interface 

      Seamless updates of your TPA and EHR software

      A system for preventing data mismatches

      Easily-accessed 340B-match reporting 

      High 340B qualification rates

      340B program support fee structures

Which TPAs are best in optimizing 340B savings and revenue?

ProxsysRx works with dozens of TPAs on any given day, in supporting our clients’ 340B drug programs. However, we’re reluctant to name specific TPAs we consider superior to others — for the simple reason that no TPA is an optimal match for every 340B-eligible hospital. We know of any number of TPAs that some of our clients swear by — and that other clients swear at.

That said, if you’d like to discuss TPAs with some of the clients we serve, feel free to reach-out to us — and we’ll be happy to arrange introductions.

ProxsysRx is here to help, if you have questions. 

There are so many ways to optimize your 340B drug program’s savings and benefits, while minimizing the likelihood of noncompliance — using the optimal combination of TPAs, 340B software and experienced, expert support. 

For more information, contact Howard Hall. C: 205.588.0946 |

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