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MedXL | PraxiJect SF … Syringes that Set the Standard for Quality and Safety [VIDEO]

"Syringes that set the standard for quality and safety"

PraxiJectTM SF

0.9% NaCl Prefilled Syringes

- Precise graduation

- Color coded cap and label

- Respects ISO specification

- Pharmaceutical grade plunger

- Zero Reflux design

Take a closer look at all the benefits a PraxiJect™ SF 0.9% NaCl prefilled syringe offers you.

PraxiJect™ SF 0.9% NaCl prefilled syringes set the standard for quality and safety.

No other company offers you all these advantages in a cost effective product. Manufactured according to internationally recognized technical standards, current Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 13485 Quality Management System requirements.

Discover the advantage many of the largest hospital institutions have realized work best for them.

Features & Benefits

- Designed for use in a sterile field

- Precise graduations

- Meets USP specifications

- Latex and preservative free

- Screw on luer lock cap for additional safety

- Terminal sterilization, provides the highest degree of sterility available

- Easy glide piston. No lock effect or inadvertent solution leaking during priming.

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