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Large AMC Sees Immediate ROI with AI-Driven Drug Diversion Surveillance

by Amanda Rogers, Marketing Content Writer, Protenus

Learn how leveraging Protenus' AI-powered Drug Diversion Surveillance solution resulted in immediate time savings for a large AMC. Our case-based approach provides a holistic picture so customers can focus on preventing drug diversion, not simply catching it.

The Challenge

A large Northeast-based AMC's decade-old legacy drug diversion program used a manual, report-based approach which was reactive, inefficient, and left it open to massive risk from drug diversion and potential violation of governmental regulations. The AMC also needed to standardize its drug diversion policies across all facilities and streamline the case detection, investigation, and resolution processes without increasing headcount.


Read the case study for more insight on how Protenus helped this large AMC realize a 93% time savings in the first 2 weeks post-implementation

The Solution

The team chose Protenus for its case-based approach, easy workflows, solid platform, and consolidated reporting that allowed managers to be very efficient with their time by reviewing high level risks at a glance instead of “living in the system”. Protenus provided the highest value return on investment (ROI) due to time savings, ease of use, ability to standardize diversion investigation and increase diversion investigation or policy deviation oversight.

AI-powered drug diversion surveillance and an automated workflow lets compliance professionals audit up to 100% of medication use transactions, identifying and surfacing inappropriate behavior that may otherwise go undetected as it happens, reducing risk to the organization, workforce, and most importantly, patients...

Read the full blog, here

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