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We are excited to announce the evolution of Nor-lake Scientific cabinets to Corepoint Scientific, a premier laboratory equipment brand.

Welcoming Corepoint® Scientific

We are excited to announce the evolution of Nor-Lake Scientific to Corepoint® Scientific, a new premier laboratory equipment brand. Corepoint® Scientific builds on the legacy of Nor-Lake Scientific by championing innovation and sustainability. Corepoint® Scientific is designed by the same trusted manufacturer, Horizon Scientific.


Corepoint® Scientific delivers:  

• Purpose-built Scientific Products Explore an extensive range of cold storage equipment from vaccine storage to blood refrigeration.

  We offer plenty of options to choose from.  

 Sustainability Focus – Corepoint® incorporates natural refrigerants and industry-leading energy efficiency.

  Environmental impact comes first.

 “Beyond Compliance” Innovation – Corepoint® supports the philosophy that innovation should never stop. We constantly push product

  effectiveness beyond standard compliance.  

 Cutting-edge Technology – Corepoint® boasts state-of-the-art temperature controllers and integrated alarms. Explore our next-level


 Customer-centric Service – Our customer service teams rival the best. With industry-leading technical service and stellar product

  warranties, we provide a seamless customer experience.


Our name may have changed. But our product innovation and service has not. Explore what Corepoint® Scientific can offer you today.


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