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The Premier Leader in Pharmaceutical Inventory Services | Capital Inventory

The premier leader in pharmaceutical inventory services.

Analysis: Our expert analysis team of data specialists average over 15 years of experience, working in pharmacies and with pharmacy ADM data. All client data is analyzed and adjusted as needed to ensure the most accurate representation and valuation of your inventory.

Reporting: Final inventory data is provided in a clear, concise format across multiple mediums, all designed for maximum inventory management. Our secure online client portal allows you to access, view your data, and create customized reports and graphs.

Client Care: We provide friendly and personal experiences with highly knowledgeable and professional customer service-oriented personnel. Our pharmacies can trust that Capital Inventory will be transparent, supportive, and reliable every step of the way.

Expertise: Our expert inventory teams consist of inventory specialists who speak ‘NDC’ fluently and are accustomed to working with finance and/or external auditors for validation. Our processes are streamlined for minimal interruption to the pharmacy staff and operations.

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