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Integrate POS With Your Pharmacy Management System

Epicor Eagle N Series POS software helps drug stores grow—despite ongoing margin pressures and stiff competition from mail-order providers, large chains, big-box stores, and supermarkets. Focus on your business and drive superior customer service while your technology works with you seamlessly.

     - Run your entire operation smoothly, from POS to pharmacy system integration that simplifies a wide range of activities—prescription

       scanning, NPLEx, Flexible Spending Accounts, and more

     - Identify your best customers and keep them coming back with loyalty programs as powerful as those the big chains use

     - Cut inventory costs by 10 percent—without sacrificing revenue—through a range of best practices and time-saving tools

     - Maximize margins by analyzing buying patterns to better inform merchandising, promotions, and bundling

     - Easily track, manage, and improve business performance—in a single store or a dozen—with intuitive dashboards and mobile tools

"In the first year of implementing Epicor solutions, we turned our inventory by 15 percent, which frees up approximately $100,000 in cash flow for our business."

- Frank Vella, Vice President, Zitomer Pharmacy

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50 Years Experience Developing Software to Help Independent Pharmacies Thrive and Grow
Expertise and built-in industry best practices to improve efficiencies and drive growth across your drug store business

Complete Retail Management

Get a complete retail management system backed by 50 years of industry expertise with the powerful Epicor Eagle Retail Management System.

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Connected Retail

Discover how three independent retailers are working to provide an amazing customer experience no matter where their customers shop.

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Epicor Eagle—a Leading End-To-End Business Solution for Retail Pharmacies
A fully integrated retail pharmacy POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty

Integrated Retail POS

Optimize your business—from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials, mobile, and online capabilities.

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Managing Your Margins

Learn a measurable way to set optimal prices that enables revenue growth, maintain profits, and keeps customers coming back.

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Retail Workforce Management

A cloud-based solution that allows you to forecast staffing needs and manage staff scheduling easily and more accurately.

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