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Choose the Point-of-Sale System You Want With RMS

With RMS’ built-in pharmacy integrations, you never have to settle for less from your point-of-sale system. With over 30 pharmacy management and technology integrations, you can work with the pharmacy system of your choice and still have the point-of-sale capabilities you need.

Company Background

Founded in 1998 with a mission to help pharmacies understand and use technology-based tools to run a successful business, Retail Management Solutions continues to lead point-of-sale innovation. RMS’ goal is to give pharmacies access to tools and technology to run more profitable and customer-centric businesses.

In 2020, RMS launched the CLIMB webinar series with the goal of helping all pharmacies become more profitable and customer-centric. CLIMB stands for Care, Lead, Innovate, Motivate, and Balance. The CLIMB webinar series is not point-of-sale focused, and any pharmacy can attend. Join us on the second Thursday of each month to learn about topics from cash flow to drug-induced nutrient depletion, clinical services, and more. Learn more and register at

Product Overview

RMS’ holistic approach is comprised of four major components: software, hardware, training, and support. Each component plays an important role.

• Software: RMS’ software solutions are comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and easy to use. Our software programs and over 30 pharmacy system integrations go beyond the basics of what you might expect from a POS system. We empower our users to work with the partners of their choosing and build a system that is tailored to their needs.

There are a number of software capabilities built-in to help pharmacies grow profits and improve customer-centricity.

          • Our NutriButler program embodies these goals by integrating supplement recommendations based on drug-induced nutrient

            depletion right into the transaction. Making it easy to help customers experience improved outcomes and increase supplement


          • Will Call by RMS saves time and your wallet by using built-in functionality to batch multiple prescriptions into a single bag.

            Scan a single barcode at checkout for faster transactions and no left behind prescriptions.

          • E-commerce solutions help increase your store’s online presence. Our integration with Pointy from Google uploads your products

            to your Google My Business page and displays them to shoppers searching for businesses and products in their area. Our integration

            with 24SevenCommerce allows you to easily manage your e-commerce stores.

          • RMS Delivery simplifies management of the home delivery process. This essential service is streamlined with easy transaction prep

            and offline electronic signature capture.

          • Never overpay for credit card processing again with RMSPay. Accept card payments worry-free with easy-to-understand statements,

            no hidden fees, and our industry-leading 24/7 support.

RMS customers also have access to many more robust POS options. Integrated Customer Loyalty aids you in strengthening customer relationships, including advanced promotion and reward options that you can customize to suit your needs. You can also support charitable giving easily through any RMS system, strengthening your ties with the community you serve. Streamlining pharmacy operations is no small task. Point-of-sale applications extend beyond the customer interaction to help you run your business more efficiently.

For pharmacies managing retail departments, front-end solutions open the door for advanced management of front-end products. Wholesaler interfaces allow automated price updates and a streamlined purchasing and receiving process. Integrated shelf labels keep your shelf prices and system prices in sync. And advanced product reporting can help you reduce overhead costs by identifying products that aren’t selling, enabling you to take a more agile approach to the products you carry and make the most of your retail space.

A host of additional reports, both canned and customizable, are also available from cash management to employee performance, A/R balances, and more. RMS systems give you the data you need to drive important decisions and run a more profitable and efficient pharmacy.

• Hardware: Our flexible hardware options provide a solution for every scenario. Sales can be processed in many different ways to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy. Whether you need standard retail lanes, an option for drive-thru payments and signatures, curbside pickup solutions, or an easy way to track home deliveries, you can mix and match to create the perfect modern technology scheme.

• Training: RMS’ training programs are tailored to the needs of your pharmacy. In addition to product training and expert implementation, customers can choose one of our outcome-focused approaches. RMS Boost focuses on ways to make your pharmacy more profitable and the RMS Care training program puts an emphasis on customercentricity. If you’re not sure where you’re at, the CLIMB checkup will help you evaluate and create a road map to reach your goals.

• Support: Every RMS customer has access to our 24 hours, seven days a week support line staffed by U.S.-based support specialists.

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