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Store and Pharmacy Fixtures – Free Layout and Design by provides an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for all your healthcare related equipment needs.

Company Background is a division of Surplus Equipment Company; a family-owned small business based in the Midwest. For over 30 years we have been serving the retail, long-term care, and community pharmacy sector. We provide complete pharmacy systems including shelving, pharmacy cabinets, and OTC fixtures. We understand the challenge of getting everything you need while staying within your budget. Our goal, like yours, is to provide our customers with the best products, fair prices, and excellent customer service.

Product Overview

What do you do when the supply chain is not working, and manufacturers don’t have enough product to go around? You stop depending on them and make your own! We partnered with a U.S. fabricator to produce our own line of pharmacy shelving and our customers could not be happier! Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between our shelving and the big manufacturers.

Pharmacy Product Lines

Our Closed Rx Shelving (CRX) units feature slide in shelves with smooth side panels. This eliminates the need for expensive laminate side panels. The CRX clean white shelving is easy to assemble and ships flat to save on freight. Our shelving sizes will fit right in with your existing Classic Rx shelving.

Our Open Rx Shelving (ORX) features open backs and sides. The ORX three position shelves have two mounting tabs that allow the shelves to install flat, 12° down slope, or upside down to provide a flat surface. They come in 16" or 24" wide, and 7.5" or 12" deep. The shelves have an upturned lip on all sides, this allows you to reposition them without having to remove the product. Our shelving is packaged with care to avoid shipping damage.

We have a local cabinet maker building our pharmacy undercounter cabinets. If you have existing Lozier metal undercounter cabinets we can use a black recessed handle pull to match, the sizes are the same so they will fit right in with your existing cabinets. These cabinets come in a variety of units to meet your individual needs. Choose from narcotics cabinets, bottle dispenser units, open and closed storage cabinets, and more! Need a special size? No problem! No need to add filler panels, we’ll just make a cabinet a little wider to fill that space. is a premier stocking distributor of Monaco HangUp Bags and accessories. Prescription hang bags save 25% in retrieval time, help reduce errors, and improve customer service. We offer convenient online ordering, and these items are in stock and ready to ship.

Long-Term Care

For our LTC clients we have pill card carts and cabinets. Facilities love our in-room patient narcotics cabinets and bedside medication carts that look like classic wood furniture. We specialize in designing med rooms for long-term care facilities and make sure to utilize every inch of space. Our linen carts, trucks, and hampers make handling soiled linen a breeze.

Ordering Information

We are happy to help with layout and design. Just provide us with a rough sketch of your space including room dimensions and locations of doors and windows as well as any obstructions (column, etc.). We will create a suggested layout drawn to scale and send it back with a quote. You can fax your sketch to (314) 534-0583 or email them to

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