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Designate Clean Zones In Your Facility With Dycem

Dycem flooring and mats are a proven solution to controlling contamination at floor level. They attract, collect, and retain up to 99.9% of particles from feet and wheels, as well as being long-lasting, antimicrobial, and washable.  

Dycem flooring and mat have been developed for ease of use and we have created an innovative ‘two-tone’ system that utilizes two different colours. This creates a highly visual separation between clean and contaminated areas, whilst eliminating the need for a physical barrier. The visual barrier created by Dycem lessens health and safety risks associated with physical barriers, such as step-over benches, which can create obstacles for personnel in the event of fires or facility evacuations. 

Dycem’s highly trained service technicians install Dycem as a custom system, wall-to-wall, to encompass an entire area of virtually any shape, offering a more complete contamination control solution for areas that have previously been interrupted by physical barrier systems. 

Dycem is easily integrated into cleaning, quality, and audit SOPs, whilst preventing contamination from entering core critical areas, such as primary packaging areas, manufacturing areas, product transfer rooms, dispensing booths, gowning areas, and airlocks. 

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