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Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Caps | Request Your Free Box Today!

Elevate Your Drug Security. No Cost. No Commitment.

Tamper Evident Caps are a powerful and cost-effective solution to reducing the risks associated with diversion and contamination. That’s why, IMI – the industry leader in secure drug delivery, is offering a free trial box to any hospital not currently utilizing Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps for IV Syringes in their in-house compounding. This is a limited time offer, to get your first trial box, visit

 Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps guard the medications of over 86% of the country’s top Outsource Compounders. Don’t your Hospital’s compounds deserve the same superior security? IMI thinks so. That’s why they are offering a complimentary trial of Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps for your in-house compounding operations. Reduce your risk and elevate drug security with Tamper Evident Caps from the leader in secure drug delivery.

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