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Advancing the Administration of 340B

Do you know the ins and outs of 340B? Do you know the potential savings for 340B? Do you know the latest regulations for 340B? Verity Solutions knows these answers and more. Verity is an award-winning leader in software and services for administrating the federal 340B drug pricing program. They hold a high satisfaction rate of 97% for their account management services.

The experts at Verity Solutions understand many of the challenges facing health centers and the current state of the 340B program today. They are committed to providing the most innovative, secure, simplified, and agile 340B solutions to navigate all the benefits and changes regarding 340B.

At Verity, your pharmacy will have a partner that:

Installs an audit-ready, fully compliant 340B solution that goes live within 90 days of receiving clean customer data

Optimizes federal pricing benefits.

Helps maintain compliance based on direct experience with Community Health Center and FQHC.

Maximizes eligible claim captures, avoiding false positives.

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