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At its core, Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA is an end-to-end process that begins the moment a patient’s insurance company approves their prescription, to the delivery of that prescription to their home or pharmacy. The essential factor in this process is that patient preference drives iA’s NEXiA intelligent pharmacy system.  


iA is a leading-edge provider of software-enabled pharmacy fulfillment solutions, empowering pharmacists and unleashing the full potential of pharmacy. iA can run the prescription fulfillment process helping pharmacies manage fulfillment and inventory to help lower costs, improve efficiency, provide Rx tracking, and offer real-time support. 

Through iA’s leading-edge modular hardware and intelligent software platform, NEXiA, Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA enables omnichannel pharmacy fulfillment from prescription acceptance to patient delivery. 

With dynamic design flexibility through its modular hardware and intelligent software, any type and size of pharmacy can increase efficiencies and patient loyalty.

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