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Packaging Safety, Speed, and Compliance

The American Journal of Managed Care reported that compliance packaging is a low-cost, high-impact way to help patients adhere to their recommended medications. Compliance packaging lessons errors and manual labor. 

The medication dispensing and verification systems from Noritsu Pharmacy Automation enhance pharmacy efficiency and safety, ensuring high compliance standards. Moreover, the Xana Series is the system the pharmacy team can trust for increased productivity and efficient workflows. The engineers designed it for speed and capacity. 

A medication compliance solution growing in demand is strip pouch packaging from the team at Noritsu Pharmacy Automation. This design delivers considerable benefits to the pharmacy, health care provider, and patients. Long-term-care pharmacies have shown enormous productivity gains by adding this system.

The engineers built these systems to last and maximize uptime. Schedule a demo with the Noritsu team today to see the difference.


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