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At Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company, we Protect not Only Your Pharmacy, but you as well.

Career Safeguard

At Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company, we protect not only your pharmacy, but you as well. You’re covered no matter where your job takes you, with $1 million per occurrence and as much as $3 million aggregate. In our recent study, we found that 75% of claims were related to wrong drug or wrong dose – even with protocols in place. We know mistakes happen. But you’ve invested too much to become a pharmacist, and now’s the time to help safeguard that investment by purchasing professional liability insurance coverage. Call us today at 800.247.5930 for more information or apply online at

Our Mission

To help our customers attain peace of mind through specialized insurance products, risk management solutions, and superior personal service. 

Not licensed to sell all products in all states.

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