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Single-Point Checkout Built for Pharmacy by Paladin Data Corporation

Paladin Point of Sale helps pharmacies run better by automating time-consuming processes.

Company Background

Paladin Data Corporation is a leading provider of retail technology that automates complex and time-consuming business operations. For over 40 years, we have focused on helping independent retail businesses run better.

PaladinRX integrates with all leading pharmacy systems, helps ease Rx processing with single-point checkout, and makes OTC inventory control a breeze — freeing you up to address patient care needs without sacrificing efficiency and profitability.

Product Overview

With Paladin Point of Sale, you get unsurpassed U.S.-based customer support and a consolidated point-of-sale process so you’ll spend less time on Rx processing and OTC inventory management and have more time to focus on patient care.

Paladin Point of Sale is a front-end pharmacy solution that integrates with your prescription management system to speed up prescription processing via single-point checkout.

Paladin Point of Sale and OTC Inventory Management software ensures compliance by capturing final invoice amounts and signatures for both pharmaceutical and OTC items dispensed at checkout, then returns data back to the Rx management system for patient records. Paladin also:

- Provides options for barcode integration.

- 100% SIGIS-certified and NPLEx integrated.

- Integrates with many of the leading Rx systems.

Key Features

- Compliance Adherence

Paladin makes audits a breeze by ensuring your Rx processing adheres to federal regulations and insurance requirements like HIPAA signatures, FSA/HSA/HRA expenditures, and NPLEx tracking that includes enforcement on pseudoephedrine purchase limits and historical data.

- Split Invoice Processing

Paladin is 100% SIGIS-certified and speeds up the checkout process with the ability to differentiate between IIAS-eligible vs. non-eligible products and split transactions across FSA, HRA, HSA, credit cards, and other forms of payment.

- OTC Inventory Management Tools

PaladinNsight™ and Market Driven Inventory Management™ put your inventory data at your fingertips with real-time data that adds intelligence to the inventory process so you can easily and confidently determine stock needs and make quick purchasing decisions.

- Wholesaler Integrations

Wholesaler integrations provide timely access to current pricing and allow stores to place electronic orders and receive invoices quickly and easily.

- Prescription Status

Paladin provides reports to easily verify the prescription status for pending, filled, or picked-up prescriptions.

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