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Planning the Most Efficient Delivery Route with Smart Routing

Delivery services for prescriptions and OTC items are no longer considered “optional”. In fact, most of your customers expect it. If your pharmacy isn’t offering deliveries, you may be losing revenue and eventually, even customers. Often, one of the biggest reasons independent pharmacies don’t offer deliveries is because they’re worried it will be difficult to manage. However, with the right systems in place, it’s actually pretty simple! That’s why BestRx offers an easy-to-use Mobile Delivery App that integrates with our pharmacy software and point-of-sale system, BestPOS. It enables pharmacies to streamline the entire delivery process, including planning the most efficient delivery route. 

When added to the BestRx Mobile Delivery App, Smart Routing* uses the native map on your delivery device to calculate the most efficient route for your driver to take when making multiple stops. Once you’ve sent your orders to the cloud-based delivery queue, drivers will be able to view the orders on the app and initiate Smart Routing for all or specific deliveries. Plus, they can cancel or add new deliveries to their route at any time**. Keep in mind, Smart Routine utilizes location data, so you will need to use a device with a data plan/connectivity for it to work. Read more >

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