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The Significant Cost Of Staff Turnover From Drug Diversion

The impact of drug diversion in the hospital setting may be likened to a sudden, devastating earthquake that triggers numerous aftershocks. 

Consider the fallout once a diversion is revealed:

• Hospital administration may be faced with the grim task of “triage”: alerting patients and their families to the possible harms incurred from

  healthcare professionals who diverted and tampered with medications.

• Administration must additionally address issues of liability and/or loss of institutional credibility. Each of these will challenge the integrity

  of the system. 

• Around the epicenter (the diverter), a radius of coworkers and directors are also impacted. How each responds will either begin the healing

  process, or further exacerbate the harm.

The recovery process can start, for example, when team members who witness the diversion go discreetly to administration to voice concerns. Recovery may be hindered, however, if the diverter is enabled or excused. Turning a blind eye to the dangers can be deadly.   

If any resulting “cracks in the foundation” are ignored (excusing or enabling the diverter, allowing harm to continue), it will only be a matter of time before the floor gives way. Real harm or even death will come to the patient as well as the diverter. Read more >

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