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No Tampering; No Diversion

Ever since the intentional tampering of a commercial drug product, which led to patient deaths in the early 1980s, drug manufacturers and government legislators have introduced strong measures to mitigate recurrences. International Medical Industries (IMI) has had a long-standing history of safeguarding access to the medication supply chain through leading-edge tamper-evident products.

When IMI introduced its tamper-evident cap for I.V. syringes, the Prep-Lock™ suite of products became the go-to solution within the drug-compounding community, providing an essential component of a health system’s total drug security program. Prep-Lock deters those seeking ways to divert drugs.

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IMI’s success with its tamper-evident products is why more than 80% of the 503B top compounding pharmacies use them for drug diversion efforts. IMI also manufactures complementary sterile pharmacy products that provide efficient, cost-saving solutions for pharmacy operations.

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