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Visante Pharmacy Innovators: Episode 10 // 340B Program Pressures Intensify: Who Will Fund Indigent Care?


Visante’s Pharmacy Innovators features conversations with thought leaders who are going ‘off script’

to transform healthcare through innovation.

Episode 10: 340B Program Pressures Intensify: Who Will Fund Indigent Care?

Maria Kossilos, Assoc. Chief Pharmacy Officer at Cambridge Health Alliance, joins Kristin Fox-Smith (340B ACE), Managing Director at Visante, to discuss how pharmaceutical manufacturer restrictions – some as recent as... last week – put enormous financial pressure on health systems and covered entities who are doing what they can to care for vulnerable and underserved patients across America. In this episode, you will hear from two leading 340B experts who are passionate about taking care of patients – especially those that cannot afford it themselves – and advocating for the organizations on the front lines. Jim Jorgenson, Visante CEO, moderates the discussion and provides insight into the legal aspects and impact on the future of the program. 

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