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Safer Controls for Pharma Compounding

When commercially available drugs are not medically suitable for treating a patient, pharmacists compound the medication specifically for the person. There are risks that come with individualized compoundings, such as environmental hazards and product contamination.

Pharmacists can mitigate those risks with solutions from Esco Lifesciences, improving product sterility and patient safety. This renowned life science company designs and manufactures advanced primary and secondary engineering controls for small to large pharmaceutical facilities.

Their engineering control systems adhere to environmental regulations and comply with the internationally accredited GMP and industrial, environmental, and health and safety standards.

The engineers designed a range of tailored solutions for pharmaceutical cleanrooms. For example, their ULPA filter creates an ISO Class 3 compounding area 100 times cleaner than ISO Class 5 found on other biosafety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, and isolators with regular HEPA filters.

The team at Esco ensures the compounding environment’s integrity, and the result is safer and more cost-effective pharmaceuticals.

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