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The Newest Addition to the Axial® Multi-Dose Adherence Packager Family is Here: The Axial® RMD-130U | Euclid Medical Products [VIDEO]

Prescription filling and dispensing has never been faster, easier, or more adaptable to a wide variety of workflows.  

- Increase revenue, improve patient care, and differentiate your pharmacy with smart and economical automation. 

- Get all the benefits of our other revolutionary Axial® machines—with even more flexibility. We’ve expanded on the

  capabilities of our Axial® RMD-144 by adding 4 universal canisters  to address the concerns associated with changing NDC numbers.

- This next-generation technology offers smaller, quieter, and more efficient pill packaging than ever before.

       • With 130 canisters, 4 Universal Canisters, and a Manual Fill Tray, you’ll always have multiple options for your workflow — without

         sacrificing speed or reliability.  

       • Even with changing NDC numbers, you don’t have to worry about getting a new medication into a canister. 

       • The Universal Canisters minimize the potential for operator errors and can be used with medications that do not have a canister. 

       • Like the Axial® RMD-144 and RMD-352, the RMD-130U uses a revolutionary new rotary design, has an integrated dehumidifier,

         and is among the smallest, quietest, and most durable productivity-enhancing machines on the market.

       • This sleek design also allows for easy access to the RFID canisters, and you can run and fill canisters at the same time, giving you

         more time to provide quality patient care.

Invest in the future of your business and in the health of your community today! Contact us for a quote, free demo or ROI analysis.  

All of our machines are built to last and are backed by our industry-leading customer service team.

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