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The Pharmacist for Immediate Needs

Even before the pandemic, pharmacies had difficulty staffing pharmacists full-time to complete small yet critical workflow requirements during peak times. Pharmacists On Demand Services (PODS) from IND Consulting supplies pharmacists to meet current demands, avoid human resources hassles, and save time spent hiring, training, and supervising in-house staff members.

IND Consulting verifies these pharmacists and ensures they have the skill set matched to pharmacy needs. PODS can provide clinicians residing in the USA with a license from a requested state.


With PODS, management can alleviate backlogs, ensure superior service during peak times, and receive a pharmacist on short notice to supplement a shortage. Whether the needs are in long-term care, hospital, or retail pharmacy work, PODS’s pharmacists have the required credentials and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance.

PODS also offers flexible agreements to meet scheduling needs and workloads, ensuring productivity, reducing labor costs, and meeting customer expectations.

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