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Three Manual Purchasing Processes Costing You Money, Time and Peace of Mind—and How to Improve Them

In this preview of our latest white paper, we show you how to automate three core manual purchasing processes so you save money and time while working smarter.

If your pharmacy still relies on manual purchasing processes, you’re probably losing time and money to inefficient processes that bog down staff and impact patients.

The purchasing ecosystem seems like it’s designed to be complicated and opaque. And pharmacies already face challenges such as finding staff and drug shortages. That’s why you owe it to yourself and your team to leverage every advantage. 

Best-in-class purchasing automation harnesses the power of advanced technology to enhance your purchasing process and optimize purchasing management services. Your pharmacy leverages a single accurate and efficient solution for purchasing management that opens up strategies to save more and work smarter while ensuring compliance.

SureCost just published a white paper, The Case for Best-in-Class Purchasing Automation and Five Ways to Achieve It. This blog post gives you a preview of that paper, looking at some of the challenges affecting pharmacies and how best-in-class purchasing automation helps you overcome them. For the complete strategy plus implementation steps, we encourage you to download the full white paper.

Placing Purchase Orders

To stay competitive, “purchasing automation” has to mean more than using electronic tools for procurement. Even if you’re not literally using pen and paper to submit orders, it’s probably up to you, a designated buyer or several members of your team to compare multiple catalogs online that are constantly being updated. Then, you’re selecting, clicking and sending orders through separate purchasing interfaces. 

Whether you’re buying from multiple vendors or just one wholesaler, it’s never clear if you’re finding the best purchasing option: the lowest cost, the highest reimbursement, compliant items, etc. There’s simply too much data. Read more >

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