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Complete Engineering Control Solutions for cGMP Compliance

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To celebrate our 45th year in providing scientific equipment, we are proudly launching our 4th Generation BSCs: Esco Airstream® NS G4 and Esco Labculture® G4 Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets, which represent the ultimate biosafety cabinet technology.


Airstream® NS G4 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

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• Smaller work zone depth and height

• Standard sash opening at 8”

• Shortest external height in the industry at 55”

• Most energy-efficient in the industry at 180 Watt (4ft)

• Optional glass or stainless-steel side walls 

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Labculture®  G4 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

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• Larger work zone depth and height

• Larger sash opening at 10”

• Industry-standard external height at 62”

• Energy-efficient at 200 Watt (4ft)

• Optional 12" sash height for vivarium

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Both biosafety cabinets feature our NEW Centurion 7" Large Capacitive Touch Screen Controller:

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• Intuitive touchscreen controller akin to a smartphone

• Displays key safety information graphically on one screen

• Built-in guide to use the cabinet and respond to situations

• Centered and angled down for easy reach & viewing

• Datalogger to assist diagnostics and send info to BMS

These 4th Generation biosafety cabinets come with IoT via selectable Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant controller. Combining this with easy to clean workzone featuring 1-piece interior wall, smooth edges, and built-in tray support rods make there units suitable for Pharma cGMP.


Under the skin, these cabinets also feature energy-efficient DC-ECM blowers that provide stable airflow, anti-microbial coating to prevent contamination, ULPA filters that provide 10x cleaner workzone and 10x safer lab compared to HEPA at same filter life, and leakproof steel plenum instead of plastic bag.


For more information, you can click the links below:

Advanced BSC Features | Request for Quotation | Know Your Hood

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