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Increase Efficiency and Save Money With SureCost Purchasing and Inventory Software

SureCost is The Smarter Purchasing Solution™ that brings together customizable automation, your pharmacy’s entire vendor and wholesaler catalog under one continuously updated interface, and unified purchasing and inventory. Our customers save 50% of the time they used to spend managing purchasing and 2% - 5% off their cost of goods.

Company Background

SureCost Founder and Chief Product Officer, Calvin Hunsicker ran his own pharmacy business before launching SureCost. He understands how frustrating it is to lose time and potential savings because of the complex pharmacy purchasing environment. Our team of professionals has over a century of pharmacy experience supporting over 5,000 pharmacy professionals across the country who manage their purchasing and inventory through SureCost.

SureCost is a smarter purchasing and inventory software that seamlessly integrates with your current pharmacy management system and brings your entire catalog into one solution. SureCost is the only solution working with a majority of secondaries and the big three. We make it easier to shop from multiple vendors through one unified interface. Say goodbye to the tiresome task of manually comparing numerous vendors — we do the heavy lifting for you.


SureCost understands the challenges faced by pharmacies today, from shrinking profit margins to the complexities of generic deflation on the cost of goods. But there’s a silver lining. SureCost is your ally in this tough landscape. With SureCost’s customizable purchasing settings, you’ll never miss a chance to optimize your procurement strategy. The proof is in the numbers. SureCost has already facilitated over 8.5 billion dollars in annual purchases, making a significant impact on the entire U.S. pharmaceutical drug spending. This is why SureCost exists — to empower pharmacies across the nation to save more, stay compliant, and work smarter, all with complete peace of mind.

Features & Options

• Save More: Never miss out on savings or spend more than you should with SureCost. How?

     • SureCost has the largest catalog of pharmacy vendors.

     • SureCost automatically generated “potential savings” tab.

     • SureCost offers customizable reporting and automation to discover other savings opportunities.

     Key Features:

     • Pharmacy system integration.

     • Unlimited loading of all buying groups, GPO, vendor catalogs, and contracts.

     • Customizable reports.

• Stay Compliant: Never stress about tracking vendor compliance across multiple agreements and sources with SureCost. How?

     • SureCost flags price discrepancies.

     • SureCost audits receipts and deliveries against provider agreements.

     • SureCost ensures consistent product across all locations.

     Key Features:

     • Multi-vendor purchasing.

     • Contract and rebate tools/reports.

     • Data receiving capabilities eliminate the extra steps pharmacies go through to report of DSCSA.

• Work Smarter: Never spend time reconciling multiple sources using manual processes with SureCost. How?

     • SureCost offers a single interface for purchasing and inventory.

     • SureCost links purchase orders, invoices, deliveries, and receipts.

     • SureCost delivers improved cash flow with more accurate inventory (reduce excess/overstock).

     Key Features:

     • Automatic and manual imports for multiple purchasing/inventory-related data.

     • SureCost mobile remote scanning.

     • Inventory is tracked through its entire life cycle; ordering, receiving, dispensing, adjustments, and transfers.

Introducing DSCSA Compliance Packages

Our packages will help with EPCIS data exchange with your vendors, capture data from traceable items in receiving, reconcile discrepancies, manage quarantined items, track traceable items across transfers and returns to your primary vendor, include six years of data retention, and deliver reporting around all of it.

• Why harness SureCost for DSCSA compliance?

Pharmacies without a robust and intelligent compliance solution face a higher risk of audits, fees, and fines. Stay ahead and ensure DSCSA regulatory compliance with SureCost, integrating it seamlessly into your everyday pharmacy operations.

     • Further reduce risk and save time tracing your DSCSA transaction data across purchasing, receiving, primary vendor returns, and

       inter-company transfers.

     • Flexible quarantine options keep you safe from audits and fines, while keeping your team moving.

     • Keep your audit risk low and keep vendors accountable by reconciling your vendor data with your inventory scanned at receiving.

       (Better yet, we’ll hold your data for you for the six years at no extra cost!)

Contact Information

To learn more about how SureCost can support your pharmacy, contact us at:

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