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How Inventory Management Best Practices Save PharMerica Time and Money

The Company

PharMerica is a national leader in pharmacy services, serving their partners in over 3,100 long-term care, senior living, IDD/behavioral health, home infusion, specialty pharmacy and hospital management programs.

The Challenge

PharMerica faced several challenges in their operations prior to implementing best-in-class inventory automation. One major challenge was the manual and time-consuming nature of their inventory management processes. With a vast range of medications, spread across multiple departments and locations, keeping track of stock levels, monitoring expiration dates and ensuring optimal stock levels became a complex and labor-intensive task. The pharmacy staff had to manually update inventory records, reconcile discrepancies between different systems and manually calculate reorder quantities. This reliance on manual data entry and paper-based systems led to inefficiencies, errors and increased labor costs. Read more >

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