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RxMedic (ARS) by Suncrest Solutions — Your Automated Will-Call Solution

Revolutionize your pharmacy operations with Suncrest Solutions’ Automated Retrieval System (ARS). With over a decade of industry experience, our team of experts has streamlined the retrieval process, delivering substantial time and cost savings while alleviating frustration.

Company Background

Established in 2010, Suncrest Solutions is the brainchild of founder Joel Flaker, a former pharmacy software professional with over a decade’s experience and a degree in computer science and software development. He foresaw an opportunity to transform and simplify will-call systems within pharmacies, and thus, Suncrest Solutions was born.

Over the past decade, Suncrest has made significant strides in the industry with its automated will-call system and hang-up bag systems. Both solutions are recognized for their simplicity, seamless integration, and straightforward installation. They’ve not only gained momentum but also garnered respect, effectively simplifying complex will-call processes in the industry.

Eighteen months ago, Suncrest took a major leap forward by acquiring the Suncrest Lighted Bag solution, an innovation that perfectly complements our HangRx system. This strategic move revolutionized the will-call system, bringing Flaker’s original vision to fruition. Today, ARS is drawing significant attention, creating a buzz at every show it attends.

The ARS system is more than just an automated will-call solution. It’s a testament to our dedication to making pharmacy processes simpler and more affordable. With its easy-to-use interface and cost-effective structure, Suncrest is indeed creating waves, reinforcing our commitment to revolutionizing pharmacy operations.

Join the revolution with Suncrest Solutions, where we simplify the will-call processes, one pharmacy at a time.

Product Overview

Introducing RxMedic (ARS), a state-of-the-art will-call solution revolutionizing pharmacy operation. This light guided will-call system streamlines workflows, minimizes errors, and elevates willcall management and tracking.

Hang-Up Bags ARS utilizes transparent pharmacy hang-up bags made of robust 8-mil plastic, allowing for effortless visual identification of contents. These bags form the backbone of the ARS, converting your will-call setup into a fully automated system. The bags’ handles are integrated with a light-up feature, powered by two watch-sized batteries with a lifespan of 18-24 months, ensuring easy identification and retrieval.

Automated Retrieval and Light Guided Will-Call ARS is adept at instantly locating prescriptions, thanks to the light guided will-call feature. This system not only effectively manages prescriptions but also automates return-to-stock processes, delivering realtime updates. This functionality is amplified by the seamless integration with your existing pharmacy management system, leading to accurate, efficient, and reliable retrieval, illuminated by the light-guided will-call system.

Simple Solution ARS is not just a product; it’s a comprehensive bin management solution and a strategic partner for your pharmacy. Guided by simplicity, ARS enables you to scan prescriptions, hang them in light-up bags, and walk away. This system revolutionizes will-call management, making it effortless and efficient.

Embrace the future of pharmacy operations with ARS, the intuitive, user-friendly light guided will-call solution designed with your pharmacy’s needs at heart.


“RxMedic’s ARS provides peace of mind regarding patient safety not found in other will-call systems. It’s helped us utilize the tools in our pharmacy management system better.”

— Eric Russo, Director of Clinical Services at Hobbs Pharmacy, FL

Ordering Information

Don’t let your pharmacy fall behind. Transform your will-call process today with RxMedic. Visit us at or call us to start your journey toward efficient and error-free pharmacy operations. The future of pharmacy is here, and it starts with RxMedic. Contact us now!

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