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CORE announces SmartMatch - A new name for the externship lottery function within the CORE ELMS software.

As one of our many CORE ELMS users, you are used to seeing and hearing the term “lottery” to describe our scheduling and placement process. Moving forward, we will be rebranding the term from “lottery” to “SmartMatch Scheduling” within CORE ELMS. All functionality included in our “lottery” process will remain available within our newly coined SmartMatch Scheduling, and rest assured that nothing about the process itself will be changed or disrupted. We simply felt that the term “lottery” no longer accurately and fully reflected the wide range of capabilities our scheduling module has grown to provide. 

If you have any questions regarding the name change of this popular feature, please do not hesitate to reach out to your client success specialist. In the weeks to come, you will notice the verbiage switch over to SmartMatch Scheduling within your CORE ELMS system. 

Over the years, we’ve continued to make many enhancements to our scheduling module. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a Refresher Guide to CORE ELMS Scheduling which will highlight features and enhancements made to our scheduling capabilities this past year. Please stay tuned for more. 


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What is CORE ELMS?

CORE ELMS is experiential learning management software supporting clinical and experiential education departments in the management of student externships, clerkships, clinicals, and field work.

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