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iA (Innovation Associates)

Providing an integrated pharmacy fulfillment platform that enables scalable, centralized, and community pharmacy solutions through our advanced robotics and leading-edge, enterprise software suite, NEXiA®.

Company Background

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have developed and implemented a suite of automation and software solutions that help deliver quick and sustainable business results.  Our pharmacy fulfillment platform, and our people, work together to improve our customers workflow, increase efficiency, and optimize fulfillment, ultimately helping free up the pharmacists to focus on providing the best possible care to their community. iA continues to tap into our inventive philosophies and develop partnerships that, above all, will drive innovation.

Product Overview

As one of the leading providers of centralized fulfillment, our primary goal is to work with our customers and provide a comprehensive solution. NEXiA®, helps give pharmacists oversight across every stage of the fulfillment process to support the following: improve workflows, save time, reduce fulfillment burdens, and lower the cost to fill.

Our proprietary hardware and third-party solutions provide the necessary tools and equipment to aid in our customer’s ability to increase accuracy, enhance patient safety, and reduce overall operating costs.  Our technology works around the clock in some of the most sophisticated central fill facilities to elevate our customers’ ability to drive clinical value to their patients.

Features & Options

Our hardware and integrated solutions provide flexible and modular designs to properly address the mix of medications that need to be automated.

Product Specifications

iA systems are designed to be flexible for different levels of complexity and prescription volumes. We offer solutions from software-only manual operations, to semi-automated, to fully-automated fulfillment designs. The automated and manual solutions can be assembled in various designs to meet our customer’s needs. 


“ At Publix, it’s important to us that we are able to provide essential community health services in our pharmacies. Thanks to iA, we’ve given more flu vaccines this year and our overall patient-facing experience is greatly improved. And our pharmacists are happier, too.”

— Dain Rusk, VP of Pharmacy, Publix

Additional Product Modules

In addition to our core fulfillment solutions, iA offers certified consumables, service plans, packages, and enhanced data reporting.

Key Customers

From the relationships between pharmacists and patients to the trust we build with our customers, strong partnerships are integral to everything we do. At iA, we believe every single one of our customers are important and understand that each have unique needs and expectations for their business. We strive to provide the best possible customer experience to meet those needs.

Markets Served

iA works with pharmacy providers in the commercial, health systems, government, and mail order/e-commerce markets. Our focus is to elevate our customers’ pharmacists to help provide the best possible care in their community.

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

NACDS Total Store Expo

Joint Forces Pharmacy Seminar


Cardinal Health RBC

AmerisourceBergen Thoughtspot






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