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Noritsu Pharmacy Automation — Packaging Systems and Workflow Software for LTC, Central Fill, and Community Pharmacies

Noritsu offers innovative multi-dose and unit-dose compliance packaging solutions for pharmacies of any size. With a company culture focused on being a key business partner to our customers, we tailor solutions to meet each pharmacy’s particular needs and goals.

Company Background

• Noritsu Understands That Your Equipment is Business Critical

We focus on reliability in our products, employees, and practices. This is why Noritsu has been a trusted partner to businesses for over 40 years. Nationwide, many long-term care and central pharmacies entrust their operations to Noritsu solutions and support. 

 Noritsu Values the Voice of its Customers

With input from our customers, Noritsu has a legacy of solving problems and advancing technology to help businesses achieve their goals. With a trusted technology partner, you’ll have peace of mind that allows you the freedom to focus on your customers. 

 Noritsu Solutions are Customized

Every pharmacy is unique. We tailor solutions to fit your pharmacy’s workflow and to allow you to meet the needs of your customers.  We learn about your business, workflow, and goals before developing a solution with you. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your pharmacy and its potential with Noritsu’s automation solutions.

Product Overview

• Noritsu Packagers: Built to last, with speed and efficiency in mind, our extensive line of automated pill packagers truly offers something for every business. From high-production central fill pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, and hospitals to community pharmacy operations, we have a solution that will not only fit your needs but streamline your workflow and efficiency.

• Noritsu Medication Detection/Verification: Our innovative verification systems will drastically reduce the time your pharmacists spend checking medications. Pouch strips are continuously analyzed using a patented separation and imaging system that automatically detects and flags anomalies. Pharmacists can quickly check flagged pouches and entire rolls using our powerful and extensively customizable MDC workstation, improving throughput and accuracy with minimal need to physically handle pouch rolls. All orders are archived, making searching and building custom reports a breeze. 

• Perfect Pouch: All of our pouch packaging systems include our incredibly versatile Perfect Pouch Printing System. Fully customize your pouches with over 50 key data points … patient info, Rx names, NDC, doctor info, and much more, even patient photos. Pouches are quickly and easily editable and can be assigned per facility to help give your customers exactly what they want from location to location.

• Noritsu Tray Loading System: Increase production and efficiency of lesser-used and split pills using our unique tray loading system. Our tray system uses a system of intuitive LED guides and clears bins after each medication load to help operators quickly and accurately load trays. Multiple trays can be pre-loaded and will be inserted seamlessly into production thanks to our NexusRx software, which builds a production workflow behind the scenes to maximize efficiency. 

• Accessories and Materials: We offer a wide array of accessories and consumables for use in your production workflow. Pill splitters and counters, winders and unwinders, pouch material, even custom designed pill pouch boxes. Find out more by visiting our website


Imagine if your packaging equipment and workflow were a strategic selling advantage! Our customers understand the edge Noritsu gives them to satisfy their customers and to win new business.\

“One of our goals with this pharmacy was to bring ‘next gen’ technology and processes to the marketplace. Noritsu Medical became a great decision and a key business partner for us. They’ve helped us gain significant labor and operational efficiencies using their products, and their technical support is always there for us when we need it. They have become the best and most significant strategic partner I’ve ever selected.”

— Doug Smock/Owner, Infinity Pharmacy, Richardson, TX

“We have been using automation for more than 10 years in our pharmacy. With the installation of the Noritsu Medical Solution, we were able to expand our production capabilities while decreasing our workday, moving from more than two shifts of production to one shift. They have been a great partner for us.”

—  Mik Blazier, Pharmacy Director of Operations, EverSpring Pharmacy,  St. Louis, MO

Markets Served

Noritsu has developed solutions for many types of pharmacies: 

Long-Term Care

Central Fill



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