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D2: The Partner for Pharmacy Excellence

Whether an independent or hospital pharmacy, D2’s unparalleled expertise equips the pharmacy team with strategies and technology to take the pharmacy to a new level. D2 thrives in the complex landscape of pharmacy operations. Regarding the pharmacy’s success, D2’s industry experts don’t settle for simple solutions; they deliver comprehensive, transformative results.


D2’s exclusive digital tools make accessing the latest licensure, regulatory, and accreditation requirements easy, streamlining initial and ongoing efforts.

The D2 team knows how to navigate the labyrinth of payer contract negotiations with finesse and breathe new life into patient engagement strategies. They will assess the pharmacy market and provide financial models for growth areas.

“We hired D2 for their industry experience and relationships and working with them has been a tremendous experience. They’ve put us in a better position with payers than we’ve ever been,” said Joe Eggler, senior director, Payer Account Management, Fresenius Kabi USA.

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