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We're Your Experts in 340B Program Compliance

Verity Solutions is an award-winning provider of 340B software and services. We understand the importance of maintaining and growing the hospital's relationship with both independent and chain pharmacies in your community. With increasing complexity and a constant demand for audit preparedness, covered entities are having a tougher time managing the program. Which is why now, it’s more important than ever to have the right solution ... and the right partner. Verity can help you maximize the performance and agility of your 340B program with a host of service and product offerings designed to help you stretch your scarce resources, foster compliance, respond quickly to changing regulations, and maximize your savings. Verity is your comprehensive solution for split billing, contract pharmacy, specialty/hemophilia contract pharmacy, audit and compliance services, compliance management and tracking tools, and purchase optimization analytics.


Verity Solutions 

12131 113th Avenue NE

Suite 200 

Kirkland, WA 98034


TOLL-FREE: 800-581-1378


PHONE: 425-947-1922

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