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The Impact of Cyber Insecurity in Healthcare: A Deep Dive into the Findings of the 2023 Proofpoint and Ponemon Study

In collaboration with Ponemon, Proofpoint conducted a study involving 653 IT and IT security practitioners in healthcare.1 The "Study on Cyber Insecurity in Healthcare 2023" provided intriguing findings, comparing them to responses from 2022. A shocking 88% of organizations reported an average of 40 attacks in the past year, with cloud compromises and BEC/spoof phishing attacks being the main concerns. The report examines five threat areas: ransomware, business email compromise attacks, malicious insider-led data loss, supply chain attacks, and cloud compromise attacks.


Despite countless news headlines, ransomware is no longer considered a top threat in the 2023 findings. Only 48% of respondents reported being most worried about these attacks, a decrease from 60% in 2022. However, 64% still believe their organizations are vulnerable. Over the past two years, 54% of respondents encountered an average of four ransomware attacks. Although many ransomware groups no longer encrypt files or systems, attacks still impact patient care. Read more >

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