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Trisus helps hospitals adjust to the financial risk of value-based care

Running a hospital or health system and maintaining a positive operating margin is becoming more challenging every day.

Labor expenses have soared following the pandemic, and the costs for supplies, medications, and equipment have also climbed. There are new federal requirements around price transparency for consumers, putting pressure on hospitals to offer competitive rates. And finally, the rise of value-based payment models puts the onus on producing better patient outcomes at lower prices across the continuum of care. This means assuming more financial risk, and it underlines the importance of being able to conduct robust data analysis and knowing your true costs in providing high-quality care.

It is no longer enough to depend on revenue cycle management to remain solvent. Hospitals must establish a culture of continuous improvement, with the right tools, methodologies, and commitment to support it.

That’s why we invite you to consider the Trisus® Value-based Margin & Productivity Suite of solutions. Read more >

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