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Visante — High-Performing Pharmacy is Who We Are

We’re in the business of advancing pharmacy. Our consultants work with hospitals and health systems combining a wealth of expertise with personalized and comprehensive support to optimize your pharmacy operations and deliver better patient care.

Company Background

Visante is a specialized consulting firm focused exclusively on helping health systems accelerate strong financial and operational performance through pharmacy. Our team of professionals brings deep, contemporary expertise and innovation to optimizing all aspects of a fully integrated health system pharmacy program, driving significant value quickly.  By providing customized solutions to fit the needs of our clients, we deliver sustained financial results through revenue growth, cost savings, and optimal business performance.

Featured Services

• Specialty Pharmacy Services

A clearly defined specialty pharmacy strategy can help improve patient care and greatly improve your bottom line. Developing a specialty pharmacy strategy or expanding your existing services can be a complex process, but our team of experts guides you through each phase and delivers lasting ROI. Our specialty pharmacy consulting capabilities include: operational assessment and pro forma models; multi-year business and strategic plans; facility design including workflow and automation options; implementation and project management; accreditation support (URAC/ACHC/CPPA); contract pharmacy strategy, if applicable; wraparound strategy to include consideration for site of care challenges (infusion); and home infusion, DME strategies, and business planning.

• 340B Solutions

Visante’s independent, external audit support provides transparency to your 340B processes, allowing you to recognize compliance gaps while focusing on new opportunities within the program. Our 340B team offers unique expertise in supporting 340B ESP™ data submission and price restoration analysis. Our services include: internal and external audit support, on-site HRSA audit support, and corrective action plan guidance in the event of HRSA audit findings; gap analysis and targeted recommendations, focusing on long-term strategy in the mixed-use and contract pharmacy space to ensure program optimization; program implementation and development of internal oversight structure and maintenance; and split billing RFP guidance, implementation, and program re-designs.

• Infusion Solutions

A comprehensive home infusion pharmacy business plan can help lower total cost of care, maximize patient outcomes and access to quality care, and optimize organizational financial performance. Visante infusion consulting helps with business planning, design, and implementation of comprehensive infusion care strategies using our deep and specialized expertise in all areas, including home infusion therapy, supply chain strategies, and innovative solutions to drug delivery and therapy administration.

 Pharmacy Revenue Cycle

Sustained financial growth is one of the top challenges for even the most successful organizations in the healthcare industry. Effective pharmacy programs can increase revenue by maximizing existing opportunities, creating new programs and services, and reducing costs. Our team of experts are here to help maximize financial performance within your organization through our mastery of both pharmacy and revenue cycle operations. Our consultants bring a wide range of experience to the table to assist each of our clients in a way that best fits them and their financial goals.

• Pharmacy Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain and utilization management are complex and ever-changing functions of a pharmacy enterprise. To find success in these areas, disciplined focus and alignment must be prioritized. Visante’s supply chain experts help hospitals and health systems achieve reliable, safe, and efficient drug supply chain performance while also realizing significant financial returns.

• Drug Diversion

Our program takes a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to identify drug diversion risk points in your medication use processes. Minimize risk through assessment of pharmacy operations, informatics, automation, nursing, and perioperative processes to identify and strengthen points of vulnerability. Our drug diversion experts have real-life experience in hospitals and health systems and understand the challenges hospitals face today and in the future.

• Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding Compliance

Safely compounded medications are essential to quality patient care. Hospitals face the challenge of optimizing care while also meeting safety requirements and managing cost. We will prepare you for compliance with USP Chapters <795>, <797>, <800>, and <825>. We’ll also assist you in preparing for compounding related inspections by the CMS, FDA, DEA, and Joint Commission/DNV. Our consulting services include: USP <795>, <797>, <800>, and <825> as well as gap assessment and facility design; 503A, 503B assessment, facility design, and implementation support; and home infusion compounding services.

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