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DSCSA is Delayed, Now What?

Navigating the complexities of confirming the legality of drug products and uncovering their prior transaction history to stay DSCSA compliant demands adept management of extensive and accurate data.

The recent DSCSA enforcement delay to November 27, 2024, might seem like a breather for many pharmacies. However, the strategic move for pharmacies lies not in complacency, but in proactive preparation. Despite the delay, the challenges associated with the DSCSA, such as managing large amounts of data and addressing drug shortages, remain persistent and, if neglected, will amplify. This white paper aims to delve into the challenges pharmacies will encounter, the critical need to act now and sustain compliance efforts and pragmatic strategies to propel pharmacies forward despite the regulatory delays. The DSCSA is not merely a compliance checkbox. It’s a transformative initiative that demands a seamless integration of technology, processes and staff training. Read more >

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