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Our Comprehensive Suite for 340B Administration Offerings

We always knew 340B Third Party Administration could be better. That it could work better for everyone and capture more. So we designed a better system. One that was more transparent and that could be tailored for clients to maximize their programs. Much more quickly. More accurately. More accessible. One that would provide for the unique needs of every client by delivering measurable savings, by better managing contract pharmacy relationships, maintaining compliance, and adhering to complex and ever-changing legislation. All from the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Contract Pharmacy:

The PharmaForce 340B software enables Covered Entities (CE) to configure, automate, and manage their 340B contract pharmacy programs in a robust and cost effective manner. CEs and their trusted 340B consultant groups can directly access the user-friendly UI to configure and customize their 340B contract pharmacy programs.

The flexible rules engine in PharmaForce enables the execution of your unique business requirements and contracts. There is no need to switch from your existing 340B data interfaces in order to work with PharmaForce, we’ll seamlessly work with your existing setup.

Split Billing:

Managing your mixed-use pharmacy, while ensuring that 340B drugs are used only for patients who meet specified eligibility, is challenging. PharmaForce is the partner you need to navigate the complexities of the 340B program and help you optimize and realize program savings.

PharmaForce 340B Split Billing provides covered entities a compliant and customizable end-to-end solution for claims qualification and inventory management of their in-house pharmacies. In addition to taking the complexity out of the 340B program, PharmaForce maximizes savings by ensuring transparency and data integrity via automated processes.

Cash Cards:

PharmaForce provides 340B Prescription Cash Cards for patients who need financial assistance. Our offering has the flexibility to provide various discount levels by patient type (i.e. Sliding Scales) or just cover copayment amounts. Patient eligibility is validated at the point of sale.

Referral Claim Capture:

With PharmaForce, you capture more. It’s what prompted our genesis as a company. Our Referral Claim Capture solution works to ensure that you miss nothing in compliantly capturing the 340B savings of claims you refer outside your system or clinic. Combine this powerful tool with our optional Referral Capture Service and you can rest assured that you’re gaining the greatest savings in the safest, most efficient and compliant manner.


Simplifying and Empowering Pharmacy Chains’ ability to manage their 340B Program

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