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Terminal Sterilization: How Demand Is Leading Innovation

The demand for sterile injectable drugs has steadily increased through the years and will continue to do so. One key factor of this is the expansion of the market for biological drugs, which can only be delivered through injections. Intravenous infusion has also become popular due to its efficacy and immediate effect as the medication is delivered straight to the bloodstream, with the desired effect evident within minutes. The growing demand for small-molecule drugs can be utilized in a variety of products, including heart medications, antibiotics, and much more. 

With this in mind, the pharmaceutical industry is faced with the demand to ensure patients’ safety when delivering these injectable drugs. Various forms of sterilizations were deliberated on, with the deciding factor on the most desirable one: terminal sterilization.

Why Terminal Sterilization?

It is absolutely critical that any drug products remain sterile and without the presence of potential microbial contaminants (fungi, bacteria) before patient use. Terminal sterilization is the process where a product is sterilized within its final packaging. This allows for the evaluation of microbial content through validation processes, and it is the most secure form of sterilization on the market.

Given that the sterilization is completed in the final packaging form, it eliminates any risk of contamination once the sterilization is complete. Read more >

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