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Webinar: The Role of Technology in Distribution Accuracy and Patient Safety


Just last year, URAC reported 5x as many errors in drug distribution than in drug dispensing. Although dispensing software has helped automate the specialty pharmacy workflow, distribution has been ignored.

As the shift to at-home care begins to accelerate, providers realize they must increase distribution accuracy to ensure patients are receiving their critical medications. Pharmacy leaders are turning to advanced technologies to achieve this aim. 

Learn how technology empowers specialty pharmacies to solve critical issues related to safety, visibility, compliance, and cost.

Watch the replay to:

• Understand the importance of distribution accuracy as we shift from facility to home care

• Learn how to strengthen your distribution accuracy metrics and prioritize patient safety

• Discover the benefits of clinically-minded specialty pharmacy software and workflows

Meet the Speakers:

katie webinar

Katie Lachey

VP, Marketing



Amanda Awe, PharmD, RPh

Director, Pharmacy Products & Solutions


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