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Record-Setting Drug Shortages Don’t Have to Compromise Patient Care

Learn ways to approach the uncertainty of drug shortages to ensure continuity of excellent patient care without affecting your pharmacy's bottom line.

Pharmacy professionals are all too familiar with drug shortages. Yet 2023 surprised the industry with a new record: 301 active drug shortages in the first quarter alone according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). That’s the highest figure since 2014. 

It’s easy to see what this means. When pharmacies can’t purchase products, patients can’t get their medications. That disrupts the patient’s care, breaks down confidence in their pharmacy and drives them to seek other options. The impact on patients creates challenges for your business. Drug shortages could mean lost patients that leads to lower margins. Retail pharmacies, long-term care providers and acute care facilities all face these cascading difficulties.

It’s a new year with the same pain from drug shortages, which seem to only intensify as we move forward. Competitive pharmacies don’t just react; they develop proactive strategies and harness intelligent solutions to ensure continuity of patient care—without putting a strain on their staff or bottom line. Read more >

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